Little Love Films

About us

Hello, I’m John and I run Little Love Films. My time is split between filming weddings and working on a Freelance basis for creative agencies in Edinburgh. I am hugely passionate about what I do and hopefully you’ve had a chance to look at some of the wedding films I have produced. It’s very difficult to describe what I aim to do without sounding incredibly cheesy, so I’ll let my work do the talking!

I approach things differently and really spend time during the editing process which is where a film really comes together. Each wedding is totally unique and it’s usually after digesting and logging all the footage that the film comes together in my head. I usually film weddings with a second camera operator, this allows us to cover everything – including the bits you’d miss. We work in a professional manner and dress like guests so we can be as inconspicuous as possible. We are fully aware nobody likes having a camera in their face and we do our very best not to be intrusive.

Based in Edinburgh the wedding videos I shoot are usually between here and Glasgow however I am more than happy travelling further afield providing my wedding videography service!

I’m based in Leith, so if you are interested in having a Little Love Film made, drop me a line.

  • Nicola & Andrew
    Nicola & Andrew
  • Zander & Becca
    Zander & Becca
  • Jaclyn & Ryan
    Jaclyn & Ryan
  • Tom & Laura
    Tom & Laura
  • Tamara & Martin
    Tamara & Martin
  • Rob & Emma
    Rob & Emma
  • Brian & Sharon
    Brian & Sharon
  • Pamela & Ben
    Pamela & Ben