Little Love Films

Carol & Lita – Jura Wedding / Scotland


Our plan was to be married on the beach in Jura at 6am. However, because of the tail end of Hurricane Bertha, all of our professionals, our son and some friends were stranded on the mainland, as no ferries were running, until 1.30pm.  So we had our ceremony in the tipi at 2pm, after guests ate canapés and drank champagne (from Jura France). This was in the tipi with the firepit in. The two Tipis were supposed to be joined together, but it was touch and go, because of the wind, that they were put up at all, and that we were allowed to go into them!

So we had two separate tipis and a catering tent. One tipi was for the ceremony and for the ceilidh later, and the firepit tipi was for sitting, eating, drinking fizz, and whisky tasting, cutting and eating cake and listening to speeches in.

We had to hold a full day itinerary in half a day, and whizzed through it all, with great fun!

We held our wedding breakfast in Jura Hotel with those who had managed to get onto the island on time, and we all pitched in to move everything from the village hall at Craighouse into the tipis, now that we were allowed in, since the Hurricane Bertha winds had died down a bit.

We were fabulously piped into our wedding ceremony by the wonderful Lou Marshall, The Piper For Scotland.

Immediately after the ceremony in the tipi (our celebrant was Terri Shanks, who founded the renowned Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, one of the original celebrants and trainers in the UK…) we all went outside and our friends and family played fiddle and guitar while friends and family danced the wedding blessing circle dance.

The Tipis were pitched in Jura Hotel camping ground and this looked out directly across the now calm sea onto the islands.

We followed our itinerary, just a bit quicker than planned, and moved our guests out of the firepit tipi after dinner, speeches, cake cutting and whisky tasting, into the cooler one, so that we could do a first dance! We’d been practicing a belly veil dance and then a friend of ours kitted out our gathering for a belly dance practice. This warmed everyone up and, assisted by fizz and whisky, everyone threw themselves into the practice and had great fun! We then danced another belly dance with sticks while the Jura ceilidh band got ready for the ceilidh. We all had a fab time flinging ourselves around, then went out to set a bonfire and watch some fireworks, after alerting the coast guard as agreed with them.

Our piper played with the band at times, our friends played some live music and sang with us through the evening too. Jura Hotel staff looked after us beautifully and we knew that we were in excellent hands with our talented photographer and videographers, and they got on with doing their admirable and professional thing all night long!


We had been together for 16 years waiting to be able to marry and wanted to share the place that we love with our friends and family.

We have both lived through the sixties and wanted a wedding celebration that was colourful and casual and felt like a bit of a sixties hippy love in happening, rather than a religious communion.

We wanted to bring rainbows to celebrate hope not hate, and connectedness and diversity, and of course, LGBTI pride…and our pride….

Also a friend of ours (who dressed in rainbow clothes) had recently died of cancer and we wanted to think of her during the wedding, as well as close family members who were dead, and so missing from the ceremony.


We love the Highlands and Islands, and Jura island in particular, for its smallness, friendliness and wilderness and deer. One of us is from Scotland. The Jura Hotel owners; Cath and Andy, and the staff are lovely, friendly and full of great wedding ideas. They provided fabulous food and hospitality and were wonderful with everyone.

We wanted a rainy day option and chose The Highland Tipi company as their tipis are a beautiful venue for bad weather days. We hadn’t thought it would be quite so windy on the islands and the  tipis were almost cancelled. The men who came with the tipis (Graham in particular) stayed up all night battening down the hatches in the wind and rain to have them ready for us.


We were aware that many people just couldn’t be with us because of health or for family reasons, and so having a video allows us to see all of our friends and family having fun together with us and allows us to share and relive the happy happy day with those who didn’t make it to Jura.


We have shared this with lots of people who couldn’t get there with us and they have all said that it was beautiful and that they cried. The beginning, Milo’s words, the ceremony, the entrance, the circle dancing, the confetti throwing…the fireworks and sparklers, the dancing…picking up on happy faces, all of the angles and lighting…well, everything, really!


Zoe & Stuart Wedding Film – Dundas Castle – Edinburgh – Scotland


Tell us about your day?

Our wedding day was everything we could have hoped for and so much more.  It was the most magical day and we didn’t want it to end!  We got married at Dundas Castle at the end of June and it was typical Scottish summer weather – a mix of rain and sunshine! The sun came out for long enough for our photographs and to enjoy drinks outside.  It really was the happiest day of our lives and it was a great feeling sharing it with all our family and friends.

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?

I spent hours daydreaming on pinterest and on wedding blogs initially to get ideas.  I knew I wanted romantic, pretty pastel colours as it was a summer wedding.  I chose light pinks and whites and used gold throughout to compliment the Auld Keep and the pavilion.  Gemma at Planet Flowers was also amazing making suggestions and turning my ideas into reality! The willow arch turned out to be even more beautiful than I imagined!

Why did you choose your venue?

We knew we wanted a Summer wedding and in the hope that it would be a warm, sunny day, we wanted somewhere with beautiful grounds.  With us living so close, Dundas was the perfect choice.  The drive up to the castle is just the beginning of its beauty – it’s almost as if it’s in the middle of nowhere and the grounds are absolutely stunning.  The keep feels warm and intimate and is full of character.  Lisa, Alyson and the rest of the team were faultless, and as soon as we booked we knew we had made the right choice.  Staying in the castle after the wedding was also so special – it meant we could just extend the day that little bit longer and enjoy the castle to ourselves!

Why did to choose to have a video of your day?

The one piece of advice everyone gives you is that the day goes by so quickly, and until it’s actually your wedding, you don’t realise just how quickly that actually is.  While you can try to take everything in on the day, there’s so many things you miss. Choosing to have a videographer was the best decision we could have made – it’s amazing to watch it back and see the things you didn’t see, and is such a lovely reminder of all the happiness on the day!

What was your favourite part in your highlight film?

All of it! Everything was captured so well from everyones emotions to the humour throughout the day.

Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?

Plan until your heart’s content then when it gets to your wedding day, relax and enjoy it – all the little details you’ve planned will come together.

Find a few minutes to escape just the two of you, take everything in and treasure that moment! It’s the best feeling ever!

Ceremony Venue: Dundas Castle
Reception Venue: Dundas Castle
Celebrant/Minsiter/Priest: Graham Duff
Photographer: Belle & Beau Photography
Make up: Victoria Faulkner
Ceremony music: Steve J Ward
Band: DMS
Flowers: Planet Flowers
Reception venue decoration: Planet Flowers
Bride’s Dress: Enzoani & Pronovias (Ann Priscilla)
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Dessy (Ann Priscilla)
Cake: Heather’s Cakes

Jemma & Nicol Wedding Video – Glentanar Ballroom – Scotland

Tell us about your day?
I’m sure most couples say the same but our day was just perfect – from start to finish it was everything we wanted it to be and more! It was full of so much love, happiness, laughter, fun but best of all it was very ‘us’. If only we could re-live the day – luckily we have our highlights film to do that!
Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?
We were quite quick to decide we what we liked and how we wanted our day to look and feel and luckily it all came together perfectly.
Pinterest was also very helpful and so much fun to use!
Why did you choose your venue?
As soon as we walked into Glen Tanar we said WOW and smiled at each other! It just felt right and because of that choosing our venue was a very easy decision! We loved the beautiful setting and how Scottish it all was.
Why did to choose to have a video of your day?
We decided to have a video to capture all of those special moments in the day that we would never want to forget. The day just flies by and it’s hard to take everything in so it’s absolutely wonderful to have our film to re-live our day!
What was your favourite part in your highlight film?
We couldn’t possibly pick one part, we love the whole film! Being able to watch the day back is really special. How John captured our day brings a huge smile to our faces and a wee tear each time we watch the film.
Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?
On the big day take a few minutes to yourselves – just the two of you. We did this straight after our ceremony before we went to meet our guests and it was just so nice to have those private moments on such a busy day to take in the fact that you just got married – yay!!! :)


Ceremony Venue: Glen Tanar Ballroom
Reception Venue: Glen Tanar Ballroom
Celebrant/Minister/Priest: Rev. Frank Ribbons
Photographer: Emma Lawson
Make up: Johanne Ballantyne
Ceremony music: Catherine Murray
Band: The Silver Kings
Flowers: Karli Haglund
Reception venue decoration: Karli Haglund
Bride’s Dress: Justin Alexander
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Dessy/Alfred Sung
Wedding Car: Father of the Bride’s Car
Cake: Fiona Barnett

Katy & Colin – Prestonfield House

Tell us about your day?

Our day was exactly what we’d hoped – fun, informal with lots of food, drinks and dancing.

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?

Initially Colin and I were meant to get married in October so our original vision was quite different from the spring wedding we actually had! We knew we wanted the wedding centred on all the things we love most in our lives – our family and friends, music, good food and travel. I used Pintrest to get ideas to bring it all to life and also took advice from our suppliers. I knew that I didn’t want a ‘theme’ and to have each element compliment the others rather than match (which made life easier!) to get classic elegant look we wanted.

Why did you choose your venue?

We have always loved Prestonfield, we stay every Xmas and often go for dinner or lunch.  We look at a few other venues but we’d had our heart set on Prestonfield from the start, especially Colin! The house and grounds are beautiful (who doesn’t love peacocks and highland cows!) and the service is amazing.

Why did you choose to have a video of your day?

We knew the day was going to fly by for us and wanted to be able to look back at the day and remember everything, all the little details you often forget over time. We also wanted to capture all our friends and family on camera as a lasting keep sake, especially our parents and Elsie. Having seen the video I am so glad we did, we absolutely love it.

What was your favourite part in your highlight film?

We love the whole thing but if we had to choose I think it has to be our best man Murray’s speech and Colin and I riding on the mobility scooter!

Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?

Let go of all the planning and organising and enjoy the day with your family and friends, don’t let go of your new hubby/wife’s hand and make sure you take some time away from the chaos of the day to have a moment with your other half. Colin & I greeted our evening guests with a drinks reception in the house and they walked us in for our first dance, which was great as we were able to spend time with all of our guests on the day.

Ceremony Venue: Prestonfield House
Reception Venue: Prestonfield House
Celebrant/Minsiter/Priest: John Bishop
Photographer: Nadin Dunnigan
Make up: Bekki Robinson, Make Up by Bekki
Band: The Royals
Flowers: Planet Flower
Reception venue decoration: Handmade by Us!
Bride’s Dress: Enzoani at Emma Roy
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Dessy at Pretty Woman
Cake: …was a wedding gift from our talented friend Claire

Fiona & Ian Wedding Film – Lochgreen House – Scotland

Tell us about your day?

Everyone told us that it would be the best day and it truly was. There were no major hiccups and everything ran almost perfectly to plan! We had a lot of Ian’s family from Denmark attending the wedding and the biggest surprise was when Ian’s Danish uncle stood up to give his own speech, which we had no idea about. A Danish Wedding tradition is to sing a lot of songs and we were thrilled to find out that Ian’s mum had written a song about us and our relationship, and had made songsheets to hand out to everyone. The whole room proceeded to sing along to the song she wrote to the tune of “Oh My Darling, Clementine “. That was one of the best parts of the day because it was a surprise. Fiona’s uncle, Campbell also played us a couple of his songs on his acoustic guitar at the drinks reception. As this is a bit of a Christmas family tradition in Fiona’s house, it also turned into a bit of a sing-song and Campbell’s Scottish singing style was a real treat for everyone, especially the Danes and the Londoners.

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?

We figured out fairly quickly what we liked, and what we didn’t like and after looking on the internet (especially the Glasgow Wedding Collective) for inspiration and at a few wedding magazines we realised that there is such a vast amount of wedding information out there that you could go mad if you research for too long! We started making decisions fairly quickly based on styles we liked and hoped everything would come together in the end, rather than worrying about things fitting in with a particular style or theme. We wanted a traditional wedding but also a day that felt comfortable for us both.

Why did you choose your venue?

Lochgreen House was the last venue we visited but I think we subconsciously knew we were saving the best til last! We wanted a venue with beautiful surroundings, with a luxury feel and where we felt well looked after by the staff. We also needed enough overnight accommodation for our out-of-town visitors. Lochgreen ticked all the boxes for us and it just felt ‘right’. The wedding coordinators, Ann and Jaclyn were absolutely superb and kept us right with what needed done. 

Why did to choose to have a video of your day?

We weren’t 100% at first but after seeing a few videos online we agreed that we’d really like to have a video reminder to help us relive the day once it was over. As it was such a special occasion we knew we’d like to try and capture as many moments as we could. Everyone who’d been married before says the day whizzes by before you really get a chance to take stock – and it did! Once we found Little Love Films (a recommendation from our photographer, Lisa Devine) and saw their work, it was a no-brainer!

What was your favourite part in your highlight film?

Fiona’s favorite part of the film is probably catching all the interactions between friends and family and seeing people really enjoying themselves. We love the first dance slow-mo too. We didn’t go with a slow first dance, just one we like to dance to together and we’re so pleased John captured it so well on camera.

Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?

Don’t draw the planning process out for too long, just pick something you like and go with it. The longer you think about things the more chance there is of you changing your mind and stressing you out but once things are done and booked you can relax and move on to the next thing. Also, Fiona created an itinerary for the days leading up to the wedding and included an hour-by-hour account of what was going to happen on the day. Although it might seem like overkill, it was actually very useful because it made sure that all the important stuff got done and there was no last minute flapping (well, not too much anyway!) :)

Ceremony Venue: St Charles’ Church, Paisley
Reception Venue: Lochgreen House, Troon
Priest: Father Stephen Baillie
Photographer: Lisa Devine
Make up: Alexis Miller
Ceremony music: Organist (Josephine Pieraccini)
Band: The James Honey Band
Flowers: Roots, Fruits and Flowers, Glasgow
Reception venue decoration: Butterfly Venue Dressing (chair covers and postbox)
Bride’s Dress: Enzoani
Groom’s Suit: Thom Sweeney

Best Man & Ushers Kilts: Houston Kilmakers, Paisley

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Dessy
Wedding Car: Rolls Royce Shadow, Gold Choice Cars
Cake: Bride’s mother, Margaret Macintyre

Hopetoun House Wedding Film – Andrew & Nicola

Tell us about your day?

Our wedding day was everything we wanted and then some! As cliche as it sounds we can honestly say that without a doubt it was the most magical and special day of our lives and if we could celebrate in that style every year we would. We have never smiled, laughed and cried as much as we did on the day and everyone commented that it was the happiest wedding they had ever been too which is exactly what we had hoped for! We met 9 years ago at university and have shared so many important milestones and pivotal moments together but nothing compared to our wedding day! Our day was the perfect combination of traditional wedding and rock n roll party with a jam packed dance floor until the bitter end!

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?

I have very specific taste and knew I wanted a really girlie pink wedding from the get go – despite this not matching with Andrews red family tartan I went for subtle pink and silver on everything from the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses the even the evening lighting was pink which looked amazing! Despite having hundreds of wedding magazines in the flat and attempting to use Pinterest usually unsuccessfully most of my inspiration actually came from the suppliers themselves. Gemma at planet flowers was truly amazing and helped all my ideas come to life- just check out the hanging candles! Andrews aunt designed and made the bridesmaid dresses and the girls all looked spectacular! The one thing I did discover on the ‘rock my wedding’ blog was the ‘love’ sign which framed the dance floor, jazzed up the ballroom at hopetoun and coincidentally worked in perfectly with our first dance ‘ you’ve got the love’!

Why did you choose your venue?

Both being from scotland we wanted a ‘Scottish’ wedding, and having met just around the corner in Edinburgh it seemed the perfect choice – who wouldn’t want to be married in such a stunning setting full of history! Andrew had his medic graduation ball at hopetoun in 2008 and from the moment we saw it we knew that when we got married this would be our venue. Every time we drove up to hopetoun I got shivers up my spine- from the cosy stables to the stunning ballroom and beautiful grounds it really did tick all the boxes and the photos and video show it off beautifully! Jennifer and all the staff at hopetoun couldn’t have been more lovely and helpful which made my day so much more relaxing!

Why did to choose to have a video of your day?

It was really important to us to capture all the little touches and special moments that we missed on the actual day! The day goes faster than you can ever imagine and having a video brought our big day back to life! Seeing all our family and friends smiling and celebrating along with us in the video is amazing and I still cannot watch the full video without crying at Andrew’s sisters reading!

What was your favourite part in your highlight film?

It has to be the dancing – seeing everyone letting their hair down – it’s an amazing moment!

Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?

Find a moment to escape from the wedding together watch from the outskirts and take it all in – it really is the best day so enjoy every second!

Ceremony Venue: Hopetoun house
Reception Venue: Hopetoun house
Celebrant/Minsiter/Priest:rev  normal Faulds
Photographer: Claremont photography
Make up: Victoria Faulkner – a rock star
Ceremony music: caspia trio
Band: callanish
Flowers: Planet flowers
Reception venue decoration:planet flowers
Bride’s Dress: customised pronovias dress
Wedding Car:ecosse 
Cake: Heather’s cake

Hayley & Ryan – Edinburgh Castle Wedding Film

Tell us about your day?

• Our wedding day was exactly what we had hoped for. The weather was brisk, Edinburgh Castle was warm and cozy, and we felt full of love and laughter. We were so touched that our friends and family made the journey from the United States and loved Scotland as much as we do! We wrote the ceremony ourselves and everything felt very personal and very “us.”

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?

• We loved the idea of having a cozy and elegant winter wedding with lots of candles. We knew we wanted a smaller, more relaxed wedding to let the conversations flow and ensure a fun time for all. The blog was a huge help as we planned our wedding virtually!

Why did you choose your venue?

• The castle is simply magical. The Queen Anne Building was perfect for our vision and the castle staff (and our florist) transformed it with lots of candles and beautiful décor. We think it is such a beautiful place to hold a winter wedding. It was very hard to leave at the end of the night!

Why did to choose to have a video of your day?

• We knew the day would fly by and it would be so lovely to have a way to look back on the words, looks, and emotions. Once we saw John’s work we knew he was the videographer for us.

What was your favourite part in your highlight film?

• This is a terrible question—the whole thing is amazing! If we HAD to choose, probably the last 20 seconds or so, starting at 4:53. We took a few moments outside to feel the grandeur of the castle and the magnitude of what we just did. Plus we met those crazy kids who wanted to take a photo with us and made us feel like celebrities!

Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?

• Plan the wedding you want and above all, have a good time! Weddings shouldn’t be stressful – they should be about celebrating and bringing people together. And dancing.


Ceremony Venue: Queen Anne Building, Edinburgh Castle

  • We can’t say enough nice things about Lynn Paddock, the Event Sales Manager and overall genius of castle events. Apart from being a kind and hilarious person, she is extremely detail-oriented and on top of everything. She helped us plan the wedding virtually and took great care of us on the wedding day. We couldn’t have planned it without her!

Reception Venue: same
Celebrant/Minister/Priest: Our wedding party

  • Since we got legally married a few days before our Scottish ceremony, we chose to write our own ceremony and asked our wedding party to perform it.

Photographer: Zoe Campbell Photography

  • Zoe and her second shooter Naomi McDouall were absolutely wonderful. They captured the day perfectly and our photos are breathtaking. Zoe has such an eye for finding the perfect shot and she has a relaxed, intimate style that makes the photos come alive. We wish she lived closer so we could ask her to do all our future photography!

Make up: LG Makeup

  • Lucy is so talented and did a lovely natural look on Hayley and her mom.

Ceremony music: Jennifer Port, harpist
Band: Ryan (the groom) created the playlist

Flowers: Planet Flowers

  • Suzanne Miller at Planet Flowers understood our (admittedly vague) vision of candles and simple flowers perfectly and made our reception space feel elegant but not fussy. The bouquets of gypsophila they made were exactly what Hayley pictured.

Reception venue decoration: Planet Flowers/Edinburgh Castle
Bride’s Dress: ‘Bambu’ by Rosa Clara,
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: various
Wedding Car: Avant Garde Hire:
Cupcakes: Liggy’s Cakes

St Giles / Prestonfield Wedding – Tom & Laura

I shot this wedding just before Christmas at St Giles Cathedral and Prestonfield House in Edinburgh. It was quite a day – even Father Christmas made an appearance! St Giles is an absolutely phenomenal place to get married! After hearing the music Tom & Laura used during the day I knew the music for the film would work a treat.

Great to work alongside Carmen the wedding organiser and Michael the photographer.

Sharon & Andy Wedding Film – 29 Glasgow

Tell us about your day?

A relaxed vintage inspired wedding in the heart of Glasgow City centre.

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?

The venue helped inspire our colours and classic touches and our love of vintage interiors and furnishings was a natural choice for our wedding theme.

Why did you choose your venue?

We fell in love with 29 the first time we visited. It is unique and stylish yet relaxed and rustic. We felt it would capture the mood of our day perfectly.

Why did to choose to use a wedding videographer?

We knew that with so much happening we would like to capture the moments we would miss and enjoy watching these time and time again.

What was your favourite part in your wedding film?

Simply seeing our friends and family enjoying themselves.

Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?

Make the finishing touches unique to you, that’s what will make your day special and memorable, then just relax and enjoy!


Ceremony Venue – 29 Royal Exchange Square
Celebrant/Minsiter/Priest – Interfaith minister, Jane Patmore
Photographer – Chantal LeChance-Gibson
Make up – Taylor & Ivone (Lisa & Ali) 
Ceremony music – Erskine String Quartet
Band – Velvet Five
Flowers – Grass
Reception venue decoration 
Bride’s Dress – Frasers
Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Flossy & Dossy
Wedding Car – Glasgow private hire
Cake – Auntie Margaret! 

Amie & Jamie Wedding Film – Barony Castle, Peebles, Scotland

Tell us about your day?

It was the best day ever and everything I hoped it would be, apart from the cd player breaking just as I was about to walk down the aisle!

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?

Just went with things I liked. Didn’t over think anything.  Pinterest was very handy.

Why did you choose your venue?

We thought it was stylish yet informal and relaxed, and the grounds were stunning.

Why did to choose to have a video of your day?

People told us we would regret it if we didn’t!!  How true they were. I can’t believe how well you captured our day.

What was your favourite part in your highlight film?

The music, the natural shots of everyone smiling and having fun, and seeing the ceremony!  I was so nervous I couldn’t remember any of it.

Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?

Don’t worry about things going wrong.  On the day, you really won’t care!


Venue – Barony Castle, Peebles 
Celebrant – Liz Paxton 
Photographer – Brian Cassidy
Make up – Jenni Muir
Hair Stylist – Karen Leckie
Ceremony music – My own cd (Alexi Murdo