Little Love Films

The Music Used in Wedding Videos

I’m often asked how the music is chosen for the wedding videos I produce. Most of the time couples leave the choice of music to me as I guess they generally like the type of music used in the videos on the website. Choosing music is such an important part of putting together a wedding video. The vibe and feel of the wedding really dictates what is suitable.

Any video which is shared online cannot contain copyrighted music from the big names like Coldplay or Adele. Tunes from the big artists can however be used in the films if they are just being burned to DVD. For every wedding I need to purchase a ‘Limited Manufacture Licence’ from PRS, this grants me permission to use any music I want (as long as it’s not shared online)

My main source for finding music is from The Music BedWithetiqutte and Song Freedom. These sites are great as you can preview all the songs from a whole range of genres. As I said the process for finding suitable music can be a long one, but I think it is by far the most important factor to making a really good film. Quite often I play tracks and then also play some clips from the speeches and then start watching some of clips from the wedding – this really gives me a feel of what will work. Tony Anderson and Ben Rector are a couple of favourites of mine.